What is His Obsession with Picking His Nose?

Some kid’s habits are best nipped at the bud. If you let them flourish too much, well, then you will have yourself a touch of trouble later on in the future. When my little one started picking his nose, I thought it was something that would go away on its own, like a cold you know. But it did not. Instead, it grew more constant. It started getting me worried until it prompted me to look for information about how to stop a child from picking his/her nose. As I found out, breaking a bad habit in a determined two-year-old is never too easy. So here is what I would advise you to do about it:


Find out the cause of the nose picking

Picture of a child touching his nose

No one is born picking their nose. Most of the time, it happens because the child feels there is something up there in the nose that needs picking. That is why they go right ahead and poke their fingers where they should not. So, if your child has been suffering from a cold, mucus will dry up in the nose forming a crusty layer that so bothers one to pick their nose. In that case, I would try getting the kid to heal from the cold and runny nose and see whether the bad habit is going to stop.


No, yelling does not help at all


Yelling at your kid to stop picking his/her nose is not going to help at all because the kid just feels like he/she wants to pick a fight with you and the result is a battle for supremacy. Therefore, you should always try to motivate the kid from picking his kid using other ways. For example, sit him down and tell him why you think picking the nose is bad for him. Name some reasons like germs, dirt or even his worst fear. Probably most of it will go in through one ear and out through the other. However, one will stick.


Do not punish the child


Some forms of punishment like wrapping the fingers in elastic will not help at all. In fact, no form of punishment is going to help in this case. Punishing may even push the child to do it more especially if he/she is in the rebellious stage of the TT – terrible two. Besides, even the hassle wrapping and unwrapping elastic on the fingers is too much for you as well.


Keep the kids busy with his hands

Kids playing

When grownups are idle, they will be more likely to pick their nose. It is not as if it is something that they set out to do deliberately, it is an unconscious thing. Therefore, when the kids are idle, they are also more likely to pick their nose. Keep the kid busy with his fingers all the time. You had better assign him or her something that she loves to do even if it means keeping them busy with toys.  Building things with clay, playing with balloons and so on should keep the kid busy. This helps a lot.


See the doctor


If the kid picks the nose too much to an extent of drawing blood from their nose, well, it could be a deeper lying problem. Keep a nice clean floor so that the child does not pick infections and transfer them to his nose. However, above that, take the kid to the hospital so that the pediatrician can seek the cause of the intense nose picking.