Cleaning Your Hardwoods

Learning how to keep your hardwood floor clean can give the floor a new leash of life all the time. It is not too hard if you have a few tricks up your sleeves and besides, this ensures that your floor lasts as long as possible. There is something about hardwood. Maybe it is because of that indomitable look that they add to the home, and I find them irresistible. However, it is easy for the wood to lose its appeal if you do not take good care of it.


Here is how to clean hardwood floors and get them to look amazing all the time:


Mopping with water and a mop

picture of a pail with water and mop



There are cleaning solutions for wood floors and when you get one, dilute it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then use a mop to thoroughly clean the hardwood floor. This kind of cleaning gets rid of the dirt, grease and grime that will have built up over time. Now, this is far much better than just dusting the floor, which just takes care of the dust. In fact, even after you are done mopping, you may want to damp-clean the space with a damp rag. When you are done cleaning, survey around the floor to make sure there is no liquid left standing on the wood as water damages wood.

You must have the right cleaning products


It is very important that you use a product that is made for cleaning a hardwood floor all the time. It would not be very smart to pick a cleaning product meant for PVC tiles, laminate floor or others. Thankfully, you can look for information online and if you cannot, you can always ask for assistance from the store.  Try also using a splash of vinegar in your cleaning water as that helps and does not damage the hardwood floors. Be wary of products meant for other types of floors as such can damage your wood floor.


Know how to clean stains from the hardwood floor

Picture wiping the floor


The first thing you want to do before you get to removing stains is determining the kind of finishing that your floor has. For example, some floors have a urethane finish, which means the stain will be on the surface and will not penetrate the wood. If the floor has an oil finish, the stain will penetrate the floor.


For a floor with a urethane finish, you just have to wipe the floor clean with a small piece of clean cloth. That is all. However, for an oil-finished floor, the cleaning process is a bit different than that as the stain will have been absorbed by the wood. Here is how to clean different types of stains on the oil-finished wood floor:


Oil stainsUse a dishwashing detergent and a soft piece of cloth, which will help break apart the grease. After that, you can rinse the area that you have just cleaned with clean water. If the first cleaning does not work, repeat the process until the grease is gone completely.


For water stains – You need to clean this spot by rubbing it with No. 000 steel wool touched with floor wax but you may also have to sand the spot a bit if the stain has penetrated deeply. You may also use odorless mineral spirits to make the job more thorough.

To clean pet stains and dark spots – Just rub the stained area with steel wool number 000 touched with floor wax. If the area does not brighten up, you can use vinegar or bleach, just touch the area with a cloth dipped in the bleach and let it rest for an hour or so and then rinse the area with a cloth dampened in clean water.