To Sleep Perchance to Dream

I grew up riding my horse at our ranch; it is among my most enjoyable adventures. Two months ago, I, unfortunately, fell off my horse during one of my usual rides and broke one of my hands. After being discharged from the hospital five weeks ago, I have been experiencing back problems especially when sleeping. My doctor recommended that I get a body pillow to help me relieve the pain when sleeping. When I was advised to try the best full body pillows so that my body could have excellent spine and limb support when sleeping, I did not hesitate looking for one. When you are in need, anything that can help is usually very welcome.


When looking for information about body pillows, one of the things you will find out is that it is perfect for side sleepers since it helps to keep the spine aligned all the time. Now, if you have been waking up more fatigued than rested in the morning, it means you need a body pillow. A body pillow for side sleepers is just one of the many pillows available in the market. There are many varieties of body pillows. So, if you are a back sleeper, a side-sleeper, whether you sleep on your tummy, there is a full body pillow for everyone in the market irrespective of their needs.  


So I set out to look for the best body pillow in the market and I found quite a good number of them. I found that this wide variety can be quite overwhelming for a first-timer and so I decided to review the best three of them here, to make your search easier if you are looking for one. Here they are:

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Web Linens Inc. Contoured Body Pillow

Web Linens Inc. Contoured




This J-shaped pillow is among the best body pillows that you can find on the market. It is made of polyester and polyester blends giving it a very comfortable and soft feel against your skin. It is able to relieve your back pain, joint pain and it is great for during pregnancy for extra support.


People who have used this body pillow have attested of this pillow preventing heartburn, nasal congestion and sciatica because it aligns your body naturally as you sleep. This pillow has a curled section at one end of the pillow where you can tuck up under your legs for temperature control.


The other end of the pillow also curls to support your head and neck while the rest of the pillow keeps your spine aligned perfectly.



Removable and washable pillowcase

Great for lower back pain

Very comfortable


Adequate support



Can flatten out easily


PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow


PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow is firmly designed to give you extra support than your usual pillow. It is designed to tuck around your neck and shoulders and in between your knees enabling you to sleep comfortably, especially if you are suffering from back pains and during pregnancy.


It also comes with a very soft removable pillow with a zipper that can be removed and it can be machine-washed. This pillow is quite large measuring about sixty inches long and even though it might take most of your bed space, it is good for tall people.



Zipped pillow cover is removable and washable

Great support


Very comfortable

Good for both side and back sleepers



Rips and tears can develop easily

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Meiz Total Body Pillow

Meiz Total Body

This U- shaped full body pillow is very comfortable. It is uniquely designed to perfectly fit of your body’s natural shape. It is great for all sleeping positions, as well as for pregnant and nursing moms. In addition, it is also good for people who suffer from joint pains, neck and back pains.


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When you sleep, it aligns your body well during sleep, ensuring a good flow of blood throughout your entire body. The zippered pillow cover, which is made of pure cotton for extra comfort can be removed and washed.



Removable and washable pillowcase

Very comfortable

No need to move the pillow switching positions

Great support

Good for all sleeping positions



May not be very firm for some people

Just Sweep It Up!

I love my pets and I cannot do without them. There is no single time of my life that I have stayed without pets in my house, and they are my great companions. We grew up with a brood of dogs at home. One of the biggest challenges that pet lovers like me encounter is pet hair being all over our house. This can be irritating especially if you suffer or live with people who suffer from pet hair allergies.


There are many benefits to having pets at home. One of them is that pets are therapeutic. For once, you have that one faithful partner who can listen without complaining and who can understand you perfectly. Just having your dog around could help you a lot in matters regarding your health. They are unflinchingly loyal and when you go out to walk them, it helps to keep you healthy all the time.

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Another benefit of having a pet is that it makes you more social and you are able to connect with other people faster. Fancy having a stranger walk up to you complimenting you about your pet. It makes you feel nice and serves as a good icebreaker for you and it could get the conversation going for pets are a big deal indeed. You may also have to join a pet owners group or forum where you interact, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.


I could go on and on about the benefits of having pets. However, what has benefits has some cons too, and so do pets. Cleaning up after them is one of them, and having to contend with fur stuck on your furniture and on the floor.


I have been dealing with pet hair being all over my hardwood floors and I think it is high time I get a vacuum cleaner designed for use on hardwood floors so that I can stay ahead of the furry mess. Choosing a good vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors can be challenging given that there are so many brands on sale and each manufacturer claims theirs is the best.


After checking on some of the best there is in the market, the following two stood out:


Shark Navigator Professional NV356E Lift-Away

Shark Navigator Professional NV356E Lift-Away

This is the best hardwood floor vacuums because of its unbeaten ability to safely clean and removes all the dirt, allergens and grime from the floors. This is courtesy of its very powerful suction that can be hardly matched to any other. In addition, the hardwood floor attachment has two microfiber pads that ensure that every dirt particle on the floor is picked up, leaving them sparkling clean.


It has a removable canister making it easy for you to maneuver and clean hard to reach places and corners. This unit comes with a HEPA filter with seal technology that is able to trap all allergens without releasing them again in the air. It is made of superior quality materials that ensure that it serves you for very long.



Powerful suction

Portable and versatile

Thorough cleaning including hard-to-reach places

HEPA filter for allergens

Dust away hardwood floor attachment






Bissell 1161 Canister Vacuum

Bissell 1161 Canister

Bissell 1161 canister vacuum is specifically designed to clean hardwood floors. This unit comes with wheels that are made of rubber so that it does not leave any marks or scratches as you drag it on the floor while cleaning.

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It has a powerful suction and its bristles are very soft for gentle yet thorough cleaning of your floors, removing all the dirt, dust and debris. In addition to being effective and safe for cleaning your hardwood floors, it is easy to use.


It is also light in weight enabling you to maneuver throughout your house. This unit features fingertip control that allows the user to power it and to control the suction power so that you can safely clean even the delicate surfaces. Its tanks can be opened from the bottom, thus ensuring zero mess when disposing.



Easy to maneuver

Gentle on hardwood floors

Rubber wheels do not leave marks or scratches on your floor

Powerful suction

Easy to use

Soft bristles that clean thoroughly

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Shorter cord than found with other vacuums